Travertine: classicism and modernity in harmony

Travertine has a place of honor in our collection because it is capable to captivate by sight and touch. Depending on the type of cut, travertine looks different.

The treatment of its cavities also influences the aesthetics and final textures. If the surface is treated to open pore, the holes remain uncovered, maintaining a wilder appearance. With the pore covered, a filling of the same color as the stone can be used, or transparent fillings, to cover the orifice without losing its attractiveness.

Travertines have natural colors such as sand, earth, beige and soft ochre. Travertine Olivillo is a rock with a singular aspect and toasted tones with orange and even grey shades.

Travertine Bianco is a cream-colored stone with subtle oatmeal veins of random thickness and intensity. Travertine Classic alternates several shades of beige that contrast with each other in its vein cut version.

Travertine Types

Travertine Bianco

Travertine Classic

Travertine Olivillo

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