Blue marble: the infinity of the sky and the sea

In our blue marble collection, we can find varieties with pastel shades to deep and exuberant cobalt. Blue has always been associated with serenity and calmness, especially as opposed to red. However, its broad chromatic spectrum is capable of creating unparalleled aesthetic impacts.

The most abundant veins in the blue marble are those of white color, although it can also present blue veins (more or less bright than the base), orange, grey, or even golden veins.

Blue marble is a natural stone capable of visually connecting us with the sky and the sea. Sodalite Blue, composed of lazulite, calcite, and pyrite, creates a velvety cobalt sea furrowed by golden waves.

Blue Calcite brocade combines blue with steel, pastel, and pearl tones while generating large white streaks in the large format. Macaubas Blue features a crystalline sky-blue background with white, and orange striations.

Blue marble Types

Sky Blue

Blue Calcite

Macauba Blue quartzite

Blue Sodalite

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