Brown marble: nature in earth tones.

The different varieties of brown marble that exist include the rich chromatic range of earth tones. Its beautiful brown shades transmit calm and comfort to luxury environments and connect our senses with nature.

The tonal variety of its veins is not to be left behind. Brown marble can have lines of colors, as different from each other as white, coral, or gold.

Everything in brown marble suggests authenticity and unmatched warmth. The coriaceous aspect of Oasis Brown, together with its golden veins, creates an atmosphere of well-being, serenity, recollection, and pleasure for the senses.

Sequoia Brown and their brown, taupe and grey bands evoke the millenary trunks of the great American sequoias. Finally, Fosile Brown Nerinea wears a unique earth-toned base on which floats a large number of cone-shaped marine vestiges.

Brown marble Types

Fosile Brown Nerinea

Sequoia Brown

Oasis Brown

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