Gray marble: serenity and distinction

Gray marble is an ideal option for interior and exterior spaces that seek a gentle differentiation through peaceful and distinguished tones.

The selection of this material expresses a taste for reinterpreting traditional concepts endowing them with a more contemporary language and adapting them to distinguished but at the same time cosmopolitan and modern environments. Through a chromatic range that encompasses pearl tones, grayish ocher, and silvered, gray marble is able to set trends and vanguard.

The uniqueness of Grey Osiris through its fossiliferous formation or the tonal homogeneity and power of Titanium give us an idea of ‚Äčthe versatility that the family of grays can bring.

The natural look of Grey Navy and the serene magnetism of Pacific Grey manage to create an environment that invites to be calm and relaxed, an ideal option for city dwellers.

Gray marble Types

Fior di Bosco

Alboran Grey limestone

Pietra Grey

Twilight Grey limestone

Grey Osiris grey

Titanium grey quartzite

Grey Navy limestone

Pacific Grey

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