Onyx: the gem of interior design.

In our section of exotic stones, we find different varieties of Onyx which are very appreciated. Onyx is considered a semi-precious gem. This exclusive stone is perfect for large format backlit coverings thanks to its translucent quality.

Two types of cuts can be applied to Onyx. The cross cut, where the section is carried out parallel to the stratification producing circular patterns and enhancing the translucency. The vein cut, following the direction of the grain, creating linear drawings.

The base of the Onyx used in interior design presents a varied chromatism. We can observe color tonalities that range from white, broken white, ochre, orange, to green, and blue. White Onyx presents a crystalline background in which both, the background and the veins, alternate white, bone, and very light beige tones generating suggestive waves.

In its cross cut draws, Orange Onyx generates a beautiful succession of circular veins in dark ochres on a bright orange background. Green Onyx is a green crystalline jewel-stone with lively golden and ochre veins. Dalí Onyx features an amazing mix of coral, pumpkin, and orange over white tones.

Onyx Marble Types

Dalí Onyx

Orange Onyx

White Onyx

Green Onyx

Ivory Onyx

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