Exotic marble: new horizons

Exotic marble shows us the most capricious face of Nature in all its splendor. The designs that use this type of material express an indisputable taste for the most hedonistic enjoyment of singular, evocative and very personal environments.

An environment covered in exotic marble awakens sensations similar to those obtained when traveling, discovering or experiencing adventures. These natural stones are works of art in themselves and imprint a strong personality to the spaces that surround them.

Exotic marble Types

Harlequin White


Bianco Lasa

Arabescato Breccia

Sky Blue

Mint Green

Blue Calcite

Macauba Blue quartzite

Picasso Grey

Guatemala Green marble

Yellow Triana

Blue Sodalite

Red Revolution

DalĂ­ Onyx

Orange Onyx

White Onyx

Green Onyx

Botanic Green

Ivory Onyx

Savannah Pink marble

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